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How has the war affected us?

Initially, we lost the opportunity to work. The government assumed that the Russian Federation might attack Kyiv and we thought about moving the office to the west or to another country. Our team was horrified to discover that every major city had been bombed and that nowhere was really safe.

We were frustrated that we had to leave our families, friends, homes, and jobs. From the first days of the war, we thought about how to get back to work. We were worried that buyers would receive orders with delays, and we were worried about how we could fulfill them.

It is now the 6th week of the war; our work is 30-45% restored and our customer care department is working remotely. We organized temporary production in the west of Ukraine. Ukrainian Post service found a way to send parcels abroad and we immediately began to fulfill our orders.

We love our work very much and it is difficult for us to live without it.
Despite everything that is happening, we have a desire to deal with it and create new unique products. Now we continue to accept new orders.
We can make and ship them and we are happy when you order from us because we love doing what we do, we love being helpful and being creative.

We will be very pleased if you write to us!
Also, if you want to support our business and employees who are unable to work, you can check digital postcards that we have created. You can buy and download them to print, and the donations will help employees. Part of the money will be sent without fail to the humanitarian aid center in hot spots.