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We create our products under the auspices of durability and environmental friendliness, they can be used for generations. Our team has united against fast consumption, as it is contrary to our principle of sustainability. 

Environmentally friendly fabric

Flax is a culture cultivated by people for many centuries without danger to the surrounding nature. For every part of the plant is used, production waste is virtually eliminated. Flax needs a small amount of fertilizers or pesticides (about 3 times less than wheat and 13 times less than potatoes). In addition to all this, linen fabric has excellent anti-allergic properties.

With all the environmentally friendly properties of flax and the technology of its cultivation, scientific research is constantly being carried out in this area, aimed at completely eliminating any impact on the environment, both in the cultivation process and in further technological processes of fiber and linen fabric production. Flax is a product of nature, therefore it is the fiber of the future. 

Raw material production and dyeing

Distinctive is that in the production of the most durable and natural (from this environmentally friendly) fabric, the least possible amount of water is used, and when processing the fibers, environmentally harmful chemicals, dyes and bleaches, are not used.

Environmental certificate

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 sets out criteria for the human ecological profile of dyed and finished textiles. The intention behind the Oeko-Tex scheme is that textile products sold with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label must be also made of materials that are proven to have no harmful effects on people and can therefore be trusted to be used by the consumer.

The environmental friendliness of the fabrics we use is confirmed by this certificate, which can be viewed here. Also you can check its validity here.


We respect the environment, so our packaging also cannot fail to be sustainable. We ship our products all over the world using cardboard boxes for large packages and envelopes for small packages, which are composed of recycled paper. Although this is not the most durable packaging option and does not 100% protect the boxes from getting wet, we still opted for this method so as not to pack bedding and other products in polyethylene. Please note that the packing also include some plastic tape, as the postal servises require from us, so the parcel won't get lost during delivery.


At some point in our work, we also took up the issue of waste-free production. Naturally, during the manufacture of products, we are left with small pieces and strips of fabric, from which it is no longer possible to create a large product, so we found how to make our production even more environmentally friendly. We already have a small line of zero-waste products, which is still expanding. Among such products, you can already find reusable bags (for storing food, clothes, personal hygiene products) and towels, but we have a few more products for you in the plans in the near future.