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Our habitual living environment, which is formed with the help of design, has a huge impact on the health and psyche of all people living in the apartment. That is why it is vital that the layout, the objects and colors around us are consistent with the character traits of the residents, form a healthy psychological climate and contribute to a comfortable living.

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to color. Human color perception is a mysterious physiological phenomenon. We are able to perceive color only with our eyes, and it affects almost our entire body: our mood, well-being, health. Some believe that he is able to heal diseases and set the tone for all life. Here are some examples of how the colors of our palette affect the psycho-emotional background. The use of Cyan in the interior has an amazing effect and together with the sunny weather creates the feeling that you are on the azure coast, which we have experienced firsthand. 

For example, some vibrant colors like Chartreuse green, Bright yellow and orange, Fuchsia can improve mood, awakening cheerfulness, energy and the desire to do something, they are great for a cheerful morning. 

Thanks to darker and deeper shades such as Pine and Charcoal green, Gray teal and Gray sage, Brown and Dark olive, you can create an atmosphere of amazing coziness, comfort and a sense of naturalness in the room. 

Warm colors (Peach, Clay, Terracotta, Burnt orange) affect us like coffee in the morning. They temporarily tone up the nervous system, briefly increasing a person's performance, these colors are great for sports facilities.

Cold colors (Sea glass, Cornflower blue, shades of lavender) in the interior, on the contrary, calm the nervous system. They help to wisely use the body's resources, to maintain performance longer. In addition, they allow you to quickly relieve tension and pacify a person. These colors are great for rooms where you have to do mental work, often work at a computer.