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Our core values

1. Warmth and care

For us, it is probably not so important what we produce, such as that it was pleasant to you. Based on this, we try to provide the most warm service, the most loyal, and we constantly analyze what kind of products we can make so that it brings you as many positive impressions and comfort as possible. It is very important for us that these products bring something good into your life every day - we constantly monitor the quality, use high-grade  materials for our products.

2. Individual approach

The most important thing for us in our work is that you like our products and bring positive emotions, it is painful for us to think that someone might be unhappy with the product. Therefore, if you didn’t like something, a product didn’t fit or meet your expectations, or you have questions, write to us, we will try our best to solve this situation, because we always try to put ourselves in your place. 

Due to the fact that we make each product to order and we have our own production, it can be customized. You can also write to us about the products that you have long dreamed of, so that we can create it for you. Please notice that for all products that you see on our website, the sizes, colors and components may be changed. And if you want a particular thing, you can send us a photo of what you want, and we will try to do it for you. If you didn’t find any color you dreamed about, we have the opportunity to choose other shades for you that are not presented in the store.

3. Environmental friendliness and sustainability

In the manufacture of our products, we use linen fabric, which has a certificate of environmental friendliness. Our packaging is also as environmentally friendly as possible, consisting of recycled materials. We give production waste for post-processing, and collect the rest of the fabric for reuse, even the smallest pieces. Thus, we have created a line of zero-waste products and are working on its further expansion to make zero-waste available to everyone. We sew linens to order or produce small batches of bestselling products in advance so as not to produce a lot of unnecessary products, which is contrary to our desire for zero-waste.

Of course, it is much more difficult to manufacture each order to-order than to sell from stock, but we decided to act in such a way as not to create products in advance that may not be sold. Thanks to this, we can provide a wider range of colors and sizes, accept custom orders and provide better quality.

All these points are of greater value to us in aggregate, so we have chosen this particular path of creating our goods and conducting production. 

Where are we located

Directly our production and the main part of the team is located in Kyiv (Ukraine). All the main work takes place here - from receiving the fabric and cutting to sending the finished order to your home. Part of our team is based in Ubud (Indinesia). Directly from there we send rattan mirrors and wicker rugs, we draw inspiration from the landscapes for the shooting of our range. We also have a warehouse in Florida (USA).

What is our design philosophy

Our design philosophy is based on you. Of course, to some extent, we draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, from current existing trends, in some things that are important to us, traditions, but this is all second place. Because in the first place for us is what you like and what you need. We listen to your requests and introduce into the assortment the products you ask about, the colors that you like, the designs that interest you. This is the main secret of our inspiration, our design philosophy.

Our color palette

We are sure that the space in which we spend most of the time has a strong influence on us, on our emotional state and mood, so we take this moment into account and treat it with importance. Therefore, in the manufacture of our products, we use high-quality natural materials, as they have the most beneficial and positive effect on humans. More details about the influence of colors and materials here.

We provide a whole palette of linens to choose from, so you can find the colors you like. You can find light, neutral, pastel colors to create a peaceful environment at home that will remind you of natural landscapes. We also provide bright saturated colors, as they can easily influence on your mood and add cheerfulness and activity to your life.

Why us

It is worth turning to the basic principles of our work, which are important to us and which actually unite the people who create TrueThings products for you. The first thing worth saying is care. The fact that we are on the other side of the screen from you, you cannot see or hear us, does not mean that we are not moved by your reaction to our products. We are sincerely happy when you like what we have sewn for you, and we are upset and worried when something does not meet your expectations. In this case, we always try to do our best and offer you the most pleasant return and exchange conditions, so that in the end you will have the most pleasant impressions of our work. Since the products are durable and will stay with you for many years, we want you to have only pleasant memories when you use them. 

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