White sofa slipcover

Made to order, dispatched within 3-5 business days.

We have created our Sofa covers to bring a minimalist feel to your home. At the same time, the сouch throws are not deprived of quality, they will serve you for many years, since the linen fabric is very durable and wear-resistant. Such a slipcover will become a bright accent or soft pastel addition to your interior, and will also perfectly regulate your temperature during your rest. 


• Includes one linen bed throw 
• We recommend using a sofa slipcover of this color only in combination with light-colored sofas, as light-colored covers tend to be slightly translucent 

• Made from 100% European flax, so the fabric will keep you from sweating

• Has additional seams in the middle

• Density 250 gsm

• Stone washed for maximum softness (medium weight)

• OEKO-TEX certified fabric (free of harmful chemicals)

• No ironing needed

• Has anti-allergic properties, it does not cause allergy or irritation. Therefore it is recommended for children and allergy suffers
• High bactericidal properties - flax suppresses harmful microflora, relieves itching and other inflammatory skin processes. Therefore it is recommend for people with problem and sensitive skin, dermatological diseases and asthmatics
• Linen products are very durable, their aesthetic value increases over time - linen becomes more soft and delicate after every wash
• Provides excellent thermoregulation: wicks sweat and heat from your body in the summer months and holds in heat during the cool months
• The touch of flax tissue to the human body contributes to an increase in blood levels of immunoglobulin A, which restores the immune system
• Products made of natural linen are organic and fully biodegradable
• Flax provides good ventilation of the skin, contributes to its intensive blood circulation, as well as reducing fatigue of the human body.
• Linen fabric well reflects the sun's rays, and retains ultraviolet light.
• Antistatic - flax can cope with radiation emanating from a variety of technical and electronic devices surrounding a person everywhere
• A decrease in radiation indices - flax makes gamma radiation less intense and dangerous.

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